Saturday, August 14, 2010

Vatican Webcam - The Assumption 2010 Papal Mass

One of the most significant feast days on the Catholic calendar falls on the 15 August 2010, and in Vatican City there will be opportunity for the faithful to hear mass by the Pope. There are several Papal masses every year at The Vatican, and they are always very well attended.

This live webcam view will capture the scene as the crowds gather:

Vatican webcam

Location Information:

Vatican City officially the State of the Vatican City (Italian: Stato della Città del Vaticano) is a landlocked sovereign city-state whose territory consists of a walled enclave within the city of Rome, the capital city of Italy. It has an area of approximately 44 hectares (110 acres), and a population of just over 800.

Vatican City was established in 1929. It is distinct from the Holy See, which dates back to early Christianity and is the main episcopal see of 1.147 billion Latin and Eastern Catholic adherents around the globe. Ordinances of Vatican City are published in Italian; official documents of the Holy See are issued mainly in Latin. The two entities even have distinct passports: the Holy See, not being a country, only issues diplomatic and service passports; the state of Vatican City issues normal passports. Very few passports are issued by either authority.

Zurich Webcam - Live at the 2010 Street Parade Dance Music Festival

The Zurich Street Parade presents the latest electronic music by top international stars and innovative newcomers across seven massive stages and 30 Love Mobiles. Over 200 DJs, live acts and VJs plus hundreds of dancers will be performing throughout the day and evening to make an event to remember.

This live webcam comes form Zurich on the day of the festival:

Zurich Webcam

Location Information:

Zürich or Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland and the capital of the canton of Zürich. It is located in central Switzerland at the northwestern tip of Lake Zürich. While the municipality itself has 380,500 inhabitants, the Zürich metropolitan area is an urbanised area of international importance constituted by a population of nearly 2 million inhabitants. Zürich is a mixed hub for railways, roads, and air traffic. Both Zürich Airport and railway station are the largest and busiest in the country.

Permanently settled for around 7,000 years, the history of Zürich goes back to its founding by the Romans, who, in 15 BC, called it Turicum. During the Middle Ages Zürich gained the independent and privileged status of imperial immediacy and, in 1519, was the place of origin and center of the Protestant Reformation in German-speaking Switzerland, led by Ulrich Zwingli.