Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Budapest Webcam Live at the Budapest Wine Festival 2010

The Budpaest Wine Festival has grown to become of the most prestigious and most popular professional events and gesamtkunstwerk festivals in Central Europe, where several thousand people can learn about the culture of wine consumption.

This live webcam is at Buda Castle throughout the wine festival:

Buda Castle webcam

Location Information:

Buda Castle is the historical castle complex of the Hungarian kings in Budapest, Hungary, first completed in 1265. In the past, it was also called Royal Palace and Royal Castle

Buda Castle was built on the southern tip of Castle Hill, next to the old Castle District which is famous for its medieval, Baroque and 19th century houses and public buildings. It is linked to Adam Clark Square and the Széchenyi Chain Bridge by the Castle Hill Funicular.

Buda Castle is part of the Budapest World Heritage Site, declared in 1987.The oldest part of the present-day palace was built in the 14th century by Prince Stephen, Duke of Slavonia, the younger brother of King Louis I of Hungary. The Gothic palace of King Louis I was arranged around a narrow courtyard next to Stephen's Tower.

Santos Webcam Live for Brazil Independence day 2010

A day of parties, festivities and carnival celebrations across Brazil as they celebrate their Independence Day, and nowhere will be livelier than the beach party taking place at Santos.

This live webcam view is in Santos throughout the day:

Santos webcam

Location Information:

Santos is a municipality in the São Paulo state of Brazil, founded in 1546 by the Portuguese nobleman Brás Cubas. It is partially located on the island of São Vicente, which harbors both the city of Santos and the city of São Vicente, and partially on the mainland. It is the main city in the metropolitan region of Baixada Santista. As of 2006, its population was estimated at 418,375 (1,476,820 metro area). Santos has the biggest seaport in Latin America, which handled over 72 million tons in 2006. It has large industrial complexes and shipping centers, which handle a large portion of the world's coffee exports, as well as a number of other Brazilian exports including steel, oil, cars, oranges, bananas and cotton. The city is also home to the Coffee Museum, where, once, coffee prices were negotiated. There is also a football memorial, dedicated to the city's greatest players, who include Pelé, one of the players for the famous football club Santos Futebol Clube. Its beachfront garden, 5.335 km in length, figures in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest beachfront garden in the world.