Monday, December 12, 2011

Sydney New Years Eve Fireworks Live Streaming Harbour Bridge, Rocks, Darling Harbour, Opera House

Sydney New Years Eve Fireworks Live Streaming Harbour Bridge, Rocks, Darling Harbour, Opera House

Sydney New Year's Eve is an annual multi-tiered event held every New Year's Eve over Sydney Harbour, centering on the Harbour Bridge. Its main features are the two pyrotechnic displays, the 9pm Family Fireworks and the Midnight Fireworks. Each year the event takes on a new theme and is regularly viewed by more than one million people at the harbour and one billion worldwide for the televised Midnight Fireworks.

Inspiration to use the Sydney Harbour Bridge as a launchpad for fireworks came from the use of fireworks on the Brooklyn Bridge as part of it's 100th Anniversary celebrations in 1983. Syd Howard, pyrotechnian used his inspiration and the chances given to him to put fireworks displays on Sydney Harbour to use the Sydney Harbour Bridge as a launchpad for fireworks.

His first opportunity was in 1986 for the 75th Anniversary Review of the Royal Australian Navy. Here he introduced the 'waterfall' effect as well as a pyrotechnic message on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The message read 'NSW salutes Royal Australian navy' and employed thousands of cigarette-style fireworks to create the lettering. It hung over the side of the pedestrian walkway.

For NYE2011, the creative direction was handed over to Marc Newson and Imagination Australia. They have already announced a new 'After Midnight' initiative to promote businesses that are open after Midnight on New Year's Eve. The theme for the 2011 fireworks to welcome the New Year 2012 is Time to Dream. These live webcam views are all around the Sydney area for New Year's Eve

Auckland New Years Eve 2012 Fireworks Live Stream, Sky Tower Webcam Feed

Auckland New Years Eve 2012 Fireworks Live Stream, Sky Tower Webcam Feed

Auckland will welcome 2012 fireworks displays at two coordinated pyrotechnic displays, one from Sky City's Sky Tower and another from two barges anchored on the Waitemata Harbour.

This live stream is in Auckland for the New Years Eve celebrations

Event Information: Vantage points include Mount Eden, Michael Joseph Savage Memorial Park, Orakei, Mt Victoria, Devonport. Gates at these vantage points will be closed to vehicles but people can walk into the parks to see the fireworks.

The Sky Tower is an observation and telecommunications tower located on the corner of Victoria and Federal Streets in the Auckland CBD, Auckland City, New Zealand. It is 328 metres (1,076 ft) tall, as measured from ground level to the top of the mast, making it the tallest free-standing structure in the Southern Hemisphere. Due to its shape and height, especially when compared to the next tallest structures, it has become an iconic structure in Auckland's skyline. The tower is part of the SKYCITY Auckland casino complex, having been originally built for Harrah's Entertainment. The tower attracts an average of 1,450 visitors per day (over 500,000 per year) for a variety of reasons.

The upper portion of the tower contains two restaurants and a cafe, including a revolving restaurant which is located 190m from the ground, turning 360 degrees once every hour. There is also a brasserie style buffet located one floor above the main observatory level. It has three observation decks at different heights, each providing 360 degree views of the city. The main observation level at 186m has 38mm thick glass sections of flooring giving a view straight to the ground. The top observation deck labeled 'Skydeck' sits just below the main antenna at 220m and gives views of up to 82 km in the distance.

Berlin Silvester 2012 Live Stream Fireworks, Open-Air Party Brandenburg Gate NYE

Berlin New Year's Eve 2012 Live Stream Fireworks, Open-Air Party Brandenburg Gate NYE

To celebrate New Years Eve 2011 and welcome in the New Year 2012 Berlin is throwing the world’s largest New Years Eve open air party, with live music, entertainment and fireworks.

This live stream is in Berlin for the New Years Eve celebrations

Event Information: Live bands, DJs, the famous countdown to midnight and the huge fireworks display will once again attract hundreds of thousands of guests from all over the world to the Brandenburg Gate. The party mile runs from the Brandenburg Gate along Strasse des 17. Juni up to the Victory Column (Siegessäule). A two-kilometre-long party with show stages, international stars and stage acts, special highlights, laser and light shows. Last year around one million people joined in the party and more are expected this year.

Germans call New Year's Eve Silvester because 31 December is the feast day of St. Sylvester. Since 1972, each New Year's Eve, several German television stations broadcast a short comedy play in English (recorded by West German television in 1963) entitled Dinner for One. A line from the comedy sketch, "the same procedure as every year", has become a catch phrase in Germany. Every year Berlin hosts one of the largest New Year's Eve celebrations in all of Europe which is attended by over a million people. The focal point is the Brandenburg Gate and the fireworks at midnight are centered on that location. Germans have a reputation for spending large amounts of money on firecrackers and fireworks, and so fireworks are to be seen all over the country on this night. When the clock strikes midnight on Silvester, Germans toast the New Year with a glass of Sekt (German sparkling wine) or champagne. 'Bleigießen' is another German New Year's Eve custom, which involves telling fortunes by the shapes made by molten lead dropped into cold water.

Toronto New Years Eve 2012 Webcam, Fireworks, Party Live Feed NYE

Toronto New Years Eve 2012 Webcam, Fireworks, Party Live Feed NYE

Nathan Phillips Square has perhaps the biggest Toronto New Years Eve party. This gala event includes a number of stages where renowned international pop acts perform to help ring in the New Year in grand fashion.

This live stream is in Toronto for the New Years Eve festivities

Event Information: New Years parties in Toronto are spread out throughout the city and are celebrated in a host of different ways. Toronto Canada is a diverse city that has adopted the varied cultural traditions of the many different groups of people that call it home, and so Toronto New Years events are as varied as the groups who live there. Whether you choose to attend a 2011 Toronto New Years Eve party with the general public or at an intimate restaurant or luxury hotel, there is an option for everyone.

Masses of people crowd Nathan Phillips Square for an alcohol-free party event. If you like to have a glass of champagne in your hand as you celebrate New Years Eve then this may not be the ideal event for you.

Toronto is the largest city in Canada and the provincial capital of Ontario. It is located in Southern Ontario on the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario. With over 2.5 million residents, it is the fifth most populous municipality in North America. Toronto is at the heart of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), and is part of a densely populated region in Southern Ontario known as the Golden Horseshoe.