Saturday, November 13, 2010

Turin Marathon 2010 Live Stream Web Cam Feed, Torino

The Turin Marathon (official name of Turin Marathon) is a marathon, since 1991 in Turin takes place, usually in in April. Regarding the distance records, he is among the fastest in Europe.

This live webcam feed is in Turin for the marathon:

Turin Marathon live webcam

Event Information:

Start and end of the trail, the clockwise direction of Turin and some neighboring municipalities leads, is on the Piazza Castello south of the Palazzo Madama. From there, first on the Via Po to the left bank of the Po. Upstream, it then goes to Moncalieri and Nicholasville. There, the route turns west to and leads to Beinasco and Orbassano, where just before the half marathon mark the route north to Rivalta and Rivoli used. The last third of the trail leads westward over Collegno back to the center of Turin, where the destination on the west side of the Palazzo Madama is.

As early as 31 October 1897 was held in Turin marathon instead of a similar maturity. On a 35 km long rail link between Turin and watershed None Cesare Ferrario won in 2:26:45 h. The first real Marathon was organized 1919th On the 42.75 km long route was victorious in 2:40:47,6 h. Valerio Arri, who at the Olympic Games 1920 Antwerp won the bronze medal in the marathon in. From 1921 to 1933, the same route every year now instead of a marathon, where Luigi Rossini (who as the barrel twice won) only with the best time achieved 2:38:23,4 h 1930th

The Marathon of the European Athletics Championships 1934in which the Finn Armas Toivonen 2:52:29,0 before the gates Enochsson Sweden and the Italians won in Genghini Aurelio should, 40 years, the last marathon in Turin stay. Only 31 March 1974 was a marathon rather than provincial level, where Giovambattista Bassi, Marco Carbone and Renzo Musso as joint first in 2:25:00, the goal achieved.