Monday, July 18, 2011

Video to DVD Transfer Service, VHS to DVD with Video 2 DVD Transfers

Video 2 DVD Transfers is part of a large production house with more than 25 years experience in transferring peoples treasured memories. From old cine film to modern recordable mini DVD's we have copied more than 350,000 hours of family footage.

To view our full range of transfer services, please visit:

We believe we are the longest running and most dedicated video to DVD transfer service in the UK. We are a family owned business and our VHS video to DVD transfer artists have 60 years experience in the imagining industry, who better to entrust your valued films to?

We are a secure and fully insured business. Do not trust your precious films to a one man band working from his garage, your memories deserve the best

Our reputation is such that other companies are trying to copy our name and web address. They say imitation is the best form of flattery!

Butterfly Holistics Health Therapies, Northumberland UK Body Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology

The aim of Holistic Therapy is to take into account the whole person and not just a physical symptom or problem, the mind, body and spirit are taken into consideration, with the aim of restoring the bodies natural balance.

For full details of health and wellbeing therapies available in the Tyne Valley, Northumberland, UK, please visit:

Butterfly Holistics offers treatments in a therapy room in my home, or in the comfort of the clients own home within the Tyne valley area of Northumberland. Therapies are tailored to your individual needs through a thorough consultation to enable you to receive the most beneficial treatment possible.

Holistic Therapies are extremely beneficial for the treatment of stresses and strains of everyday life and in treating specific ailments.

I can offer treatments from a relaxing and comfortable designated therapy room in my home, or you may prefer the comfort of your own home to recieve your treatment, the choice is yours. (please note, depending on distance a fee may be charged)

All treatments are carried out in a confidential, professional manner and your dignity thoroughly cared for at all times.