Friday, March 4, 2011

Napa Valley Webcam Live Feed 2011 Kaiser Permanente Marathon

The Napa Valley Marathon race begins promptly at 7 a.m. on Sunday, March 6, 2011. This is an excellent course for beginning marathoners. It is downhill, traveling from 380 feet above sea level to 80 feet above sea level at the finish line.

This live feed is in Napa Valley for the marathon:

Napa Valley Marathon Live Feed

Event Information:

The start is preceded by a brief invocation and The Star Spangled Banner. There are 13 aid stations along the course. The vineyards that parallel the race course provide world-class scenery but also have a downside. Most of them feature deep ditches to accommodate irrigation and rain runoff that severely limit parking on crossroads that intersect with the Silverado Trail (race course).

As you finish, a digital clock will display your unofficial time. A disposable chip will record your official time. The time on the digital clock may not match your official time. When you cross the finish line, you will be greeted by a volunteer who will present you with your finishers medal and help you find whatever assistance you may need. Due to provisions in road-use permits, the marathon course is opened to traffic and closed to the marathon at 1:00 p.m. At 1:00 p.m., marathon officials and a representative from law enforcement will collect bib numbers from all participants still on the course.

Lake Taupo Webcam Feed, New Zealand Ironman 2011 Live

The Ironman New Zealand (including Bonita Ironman New Zealand ) is a year since 1985 in February or March held triathlon sports event on the Ironman distance (3.86 km swim, 180.2 km cycling, running 42.195 kilometers) in Taupo in New Zealand.

This live feed is in Taupo for the Ironman triathlon:

Great Lake Taupo Webcam

The New Zealander Cameron Brown was here eleven times at the start and was eight times gold and silver medal three times the reach. His compatriot Joanna Lawn can already look back on six wins. The Ironman New Zealand was 2006 weather-related reasons, only swimming distance on a shortened course will be held without the (90 km cycling and 21 km running).

In 2009, host 1300 athletes at the start of which could reach the 1275 goal. This Ironman was held in March 2010, the 26th already Time and place is to be the oldest qualifying race for a seat at the World Cup - the Hawaii Ironman . The starting signal for the Ironman here in 2010, the Prime Minister gave New Eland John Key , who also important for tourism wanted to emphasize it. After all participants were in the past 25 years, more than 50,000 and their teams to the Ironman to Taupo.

Pensacola Beach Live Webcam Feed at Mardi Gras Parade 2011

Pensacola Beach is the scene of the annual Mardi Gras Parade. Sunny weather is in the forecast for Sunday’s Pensacola Beach Krewe of Wrecks Mardi Gras parade, and organizers are planning to see big crowds on the island.

This live feed is at Pensacola Beach for the parade:

Pensacola Mardi Gras Live Webcam

Over 40 floats are registered for the parade, which will begin at 2 p.m. and travel from Avenida 10, along Via de Luna to the Casino Beach parking lot, ending near the Gulfside Pavilion.

Pensacola, Florida hosts a Mardi Gras Celebration. The Pensacola celebrations also use Moon Pies in combination with beads, coins, candies & Krewe-related trades. The Pensacola festivities and the Krewes that sponsor them often are more light-hearted and family-oriented than some in other venues. The name of a number of the Krewes are puns of the names of historic Krewes in New Orleans and Mobile.

The annual Pensacola celebration, is among the oldest in the United States, dating back to 1874. Festivities typically took place on the eponymous Tuesday itself and the preceding week. The event became unorganized, having "fallen entirely into the hands of individual merry-makers and frolickers who disported themselves as their own wild merriment dictated," but was reorganized by the Clerks Union in 1900. They formed the Pensacola Carnival Association with a 12-person committee led by chairman J. I. Johnson. Priscus remained the title of the festival's ceremonial king, and Alexander Clement Blount II was named the first King Priscus of the new group.

New Orleans Webcam Feed Live at 2011 Mardi Gras Parade

New Orelans Mardi Gras Louisiana, is a Carnival celebration well-known throughout the world. The New Orleans Carnival season, with roots in preparing for the start of the Christian season of Lent, starts after Twelfth Night, on Epiphany.

This live feed is in New Orleans for the Mardi Gras:

New Orleans Mardi Gras Live Feed

Celebrations are concentrated for about two weeks before and through Fat Tuesday (Mardi Gras in French), the day before Ash Wednesday. Usually there is one major parade each day (weather permitting); many days have several large parades. The largest and most elaborate parades take place the last five days of the season. In the final week of Carnival, many events large and small occur throughout New Orleans and surrounding communities. The parades in New Orleans are organized by Carnival krewes.

The celebration of Mardi Gras was brought to Louisiana by early French settlers. The first record of the holiday being celebrated in Louisiana was at the mouth of the Mississippi River in what is now lower Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana, on March 3, 1699. Iberville, Bienville, and their men celebrated it as part of an observance of Catholic practice. Each year the Mardi Gras (or Carnival) season starts on January 6, also known as Twelfth Night. The Twelfth Night Revelers, one of Carnival's oldest Krewes, holds a masked ball each year to mark the occasion. Many of Carnival's oldest groups such as the Elves of Oberon and the High Priests of Mithras hold masked balls, but do not parade in public.

Sydney Mardi Gras Parade 2011 Live Webcam

Sydney Mardi Gras is an annual parade and festival in Sydney, Australia, and is the largest such event in the world. The parade features individual entrants in colourful costumes, gatherings of local and inter-state community group members, and elaborate floats representating a topical theme or political message.

This live feed is in Sydney for the Mardi Gras:

Sydney Mardi Gras Live Feed

Event Information:

The parade, whilst featuring many in the community with a penchant for exotic costumes and dance music, has always retained a political edge, with often witty visual commentary on their political opponents featuring in the floats. As it became more and more accepted in the wider community, more gay representatives of community groups and organisations have taken part in the parade, including the police force. Each parade starts with about 200 on bikes riding up Oxford Street. It is often accompanied by fireworks displays, which are launched from the rooftops of buildings along the parade route.

The post parade party is one the largest ongoing party events in the country. Mardi Gras Party attendances at Sydney's Hordern Pavilion / Royal Hall of Industries peaked in 1998 with 27,000 tickets sold. In the years since 17,000 to 20,000 tickets are consistently sold, an extraordinary explosion since the first Parade Ball held in 1980 at the Paddington Town Hall, a BYO event which attracted 700 guests.

Rio de Janiero Webcam Feed Live at the Rio Carnival 2011

The Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is a world famous festival held before Lent every year. The carnival parade is filled with people and floats from various samba schools.

This live feed is in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for the 2011 Carnival:

Rio Carnival Webcam Feed

Event Information:

The purpose of carnival is for samba schools to compete with fellow rival schools; this competition is the climax of the whole carnival festival. Each school chooses a theme to try and portray in their entry. The samba schools work to build the best floats and costumes to represent their themes, and to include the best music they can from their band called the bateria. There are many parts to each school's entry including the six to eight floats and thousands of participants.

As the parade is taking place in the Sambadrome and the balls are being held in the Copacabana Palace and beach, many of the carnival participants are at other locations. Street festivals are very common during carnival and are highly populated by the locals. Elegance and extravagance are usually left behind, but music and dancing are still extremely common. Anyone is allowed to participate in the street festivals. Bandas and bondos are very familiar with the street carnival especially because it takes nothing to join in on the fun except to jump in. One of the most well known bandas of Rio is Banda de Ipanema. Banda de Ipanema was first created in 1965 and is known as Rio’s most irreverent street band. The samba is the main dance of Rio Carnival but it is not performed in silence. Music is another major aspect of all parts of carnival. As stated by Samba City, “Samba Carnival Instruments are an important part of Brazil and the Rio de Janeiro Carnevale, sending out the irresistible beats and rhythms making the crowd explode in a colourful dance revolution.