Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Madrid New Year's Eve 2012 Fireworks Puerto del Sol Live Stream NYE Events

Madrid New Year's Eve 2012 Fireworks Live Stream NYE Events

The actual countdown to the New Year in Madrid is primarily followed from the clock on top of the Casa de Correos building in Puerta del Sol square in Madrid, where large crowds gather.

This live stream is in the centre of Madrid for the New Years Eve celebrations

Event information:

Spanish New Year's Eve (Nochevieja or Fin de Año in Spanish, Cap d'Any in Catalan, Cabo d'Anyo in Aragonese) celebrations usually begin with a family dinner, traditionally including shrimp and lamb or capon. Spanish tradition says that wearing new, red underwear on New Year's Eve brings good luck. It is traditional to eat twelve grapes, one on each chime of the clock. This tradition has its origins in 1909, when grape growers in Alicante thought of it as a way to cut down on the large production surplus they had had that year. Nowadays, the tradition is followed by almost every Spaniard, and the twelve grapes have become synonymous with the New Year. After the clock has finished striking twelve, people greet each other and toast with sparkling wine such as cava or champagne, or alternatively with cider.

After the family dinner and the grapes, many young people attend New Year parties at pubs, discothèques and similar places (these parties are called cotillones de nochevieja, after the Spanish word cotillón, which refers to party supplies like confetti, party blowers, party hats, etc.). Parties usually last until the next morning and range from small, personal celebrations at local bars to huge parties with guests numbering the thousands at hotel convention rooms. Early next morning, party attendees usually gather to have the traditional winter breakfast of chocolate con churros (xurros amb xocolata in Catalan), hot chocolate and fried pastry.

New Orleans New Year's Eve 2012 Fireworks Live Stream, Street Party Webcam Feed NYE

New Orleans New Year's Eve 2012 Fireworks Live Stream, Street Party Webcam Feed NYE

New Years parties in New Orleans live up to the partying image of this fabled city on the Mississippi River, with street parties all across town and of course the spectacular midnight fireworks.

This live stream is in New Orleans for the New Years Eve party

Event Information: Though Bourbon Street bars do booming business day and night, official celebrations take place in Jackson Square and as an alternative to the classic ball drop, a nine-foot fleur de lis descends at the Jax Brewery building, after which, fireworks explode over the Mississippi.

One of the biggest New Orleans New Years Eve events is the Street Party in the French Quarter. There is a fireworks display at midnight and all of the clubs and bars in the districts open early and stay open late. As you might imagine a throng of people descend upon the French Quarter to ring in the holiday and take New Years photos of the show. As such, be prepared for congestion. This is the meeting place for one of the largest New Years parties in New Orleans. Rather than attempting to take a car into the chaos, opt for public transport or a taxi. Besides the many New Years parties in New Orleans that take place in luxury hotels and restaurants, and inside bars and homes, several popular events open to the general public are a great option. The Street Party is one of the best in the city.

For another flavor of the city on the big night head down to Decatur Street in front of Jackson Square for the NOLA New Year’s Eve celebration. Jackson Square is a historic park in the French Quarter of New Orleans. It is also the site for one of this year’s most festive celebrations. With a breathtaking view of the Mississippi River, the streets will be reminiscent of Mardi Gras: full of street performers, live music, Cajun cuisine