Saturday, September 11, 2010

Munich Webcam - Streetlife Festival 2010 Live

The event is to report on sustainable mobility "to inform. In addition, alternative uses of public space, particularly the road space, will be presented and put into practice. clubs and associations, companies, restaurateurs, citizens have the opportunity to temporarily transform heavily trafficked areas normally.

This live webcam will capture some of these efforts throughout the weekend:

Streetlife webcam

Active, and ideas to a wide audience in a prominent location to present ideas: That's Street Life. Living in the city, is dictated by traffic not.

2008, there was the first time a newspaper's festival, by children and adolescents of the child and youth newspaper megaphone is organized.

Organizer of the event is the Munich-based environmental organization Green City eV, in cooperation with the City of Munich, Department of Health and Environment, the Corso Leopold, in cooperation with the Cultural Department of the City of Munich and the Munich-based transport company (MVG).