Wednesday, June 22, 2011

European Grand Prix 2011 Live Stream F1 Valencia Street Circuit

The European Grand Prix (sometimes referred to as the Grand Prix of Europe) is a Formula One event that was reintroduced during the mid-1980s and has been held regularly since 1999.

This live feed is in Valencia for the 2011 European Grand Prix:

European Grand Prix Live

Event Information:

The Valencia Street Circuit is a semi-permanent street circuit in Valencia, Spain which will host the Formula One European Grand Prix for seven years. The first race meeting on the circuit was held over the 23/24 August 2008 weekend, with Felipe Massa winning the main event, the European Grand Prix, after starting from pole position. The circuit utilizes the roads skirting around the city's harbour and America's Cup port area including a section over a 140-metre-long (460 ft) swing bridge, and also includes some roads designed exclusively for racing purposes by the German architect Hermann Tilke who also designed the infrastructural buildings for the circuit. The 2011 edition will be held on Sunday June 26th.

The track is 5.419 kilometres (3.367 mi) long and incorporates a total of 25 turns, 11 right-handers and 14 left-handers. It is estimated that the track has a top speed of around 323 kilometres per hour (201 mph), with a lap record of 1:37.587, held by Sebastian Vettel, which he set during the 2010 European Grand Prix. Valencia is not as tight as Circuit de Monaco but overtaking opportunities are still relatively few, due to the straights not being straight and the dust off line. Nico H├╝lkenberg noticed quite a bit of space for a street circuit and some corners have a lot of run-off area. Robert Kubica suggested that good traction and good braking stability are crucial to win at this circuit because there is a lot of long straight lines ending with heavy braking.