Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ironman Zurich 2011 Live Stream, Switzerland Triathlon Online

The Ironman Switzerland is an event held every July since 1997. A Triathlon sports event over the Ironman distance (3.86 mile swim, 180.2 km cycling, 42,195 mile run) in Switzerland. The event is held in and around the town of Zurich.

This live feed is at the 2011 Zurich Ironman:

Event Information:

The swimming stage over 3.86 km runs in Lake Zurich, starting and finishing at the Landiwiese. The bike course is a course of 180.2 km over two laps between Lake Zurich and Greifensee height of 630 meters per lap and a spectacular increase for spectators on Heartbreak Hill in Kilchberg. The running course on the marathon distance runs over four rounds along the western and northern shores of the lake to Bubikon. Start and finish is again on the Landiwiese.

Lake Zurich is a lake in Switzerland, extending southeast of the town of Zurich. It is also known as Lake Zürich and Lake of Zürich. Zürichsee is strictly the name of the part of the lake downstream of the dam at Rapperswil, mostly located within the canton of Zurich. The part upstream of the Rapperswil dam is called Obersee, and is shared between the cantons of St. Gallen and Schwyz. Geographically, Lake Zurich is located in the southwestern part of the canton of Zurich. To the east are – separated by Zürichberg-Adlisberg, Forch and Pfannenstiel – two minor lakes: Greifensee (Lake Greifen) and Pfäffikersee (Lake Pfäffikon). To the west Zimmerberg and Etzel region is located.

Lake Zurich is formed by the river Linth, which, rising in the glaciers of the Tödi Range in Glarus, which was diverted by the Escher canal (completed in 1811) into the Lake Walen, there by means of the Linth canal (completed in 1816), its waters are carried to the east end of the Lake of Zurich. The waters of the Lake of Zurich outflow from the lake at its north-west end, passing through the city of Zurich, however the outflow is then called the Limmat. The three population and transportation centres are Zurich, Pfäffikon SZ and Rapperswil. Besides Bürkliplatz in Zurich and the Seedamm, there are no bridges across the lake.