Friday, August 12, 2011

Carl Cox, Paul van Dyk at Zurich Street Parade 2011 Live Stream Online

The Street Parade is the most attended technoparade in Europe, since the end of Germany's ill-fated Loveparade in 2010. It takes annually place in Zurich, Switzerland.

This live feed is in Zurich for the Street Parade:

Event Information:

Comparable to Berlin's Love Parade, the Street Parade is as of 2004 one of the largest techno parties in the world and the largest annual event in Zurich. Proceeding along the side of Lake Zurich, it normally occurs on the second Saturday in August.

The most colourful house and techno party in the world attracts hundreds of thousands of dance enthusiasts to the Z├╝rich lake basin every year. The parade is a colourful mix of love mobiles, live performances by top DJs, international stars and demonstrations - since 18 years.

Since 1996, the event is organized by the Verein Street Parade (Street Parade Association). Today, the Street Parade has all the character of a popular festival, however legally it is still a political demonstration. This frees the organisation of security costs, among all else that the city takes under its charge.

The Street Parade continues to be one of the safest mass events in the world. This is not just a consequence of the peaceful nature of dance parades, but is also thanks to a widely thought-out prevention concept. Five to ten times more participants at the Love Parade in Berlin had to be medically treated or transported to hospital in the last few years, relative to attendance.