Saturday, August 6, 2011

Nature One 2011 Live übertragung

Live streaming from the Pydna unused missile base in Kastellaun, Germany for the 2011 Nature 1 music festival, featuring techno, dance, hip hop music. Live online feed, lineup, weather forecast.

Nature One is one of the largest and most popular European open air techno and electronic music festivals, featuring many renowned DJs from Germany and all over the world.

This live feed is at the Nature One festival:

Event Information:

Unlike Love Parade, Nature One costs an admission of approximately 70 Euros (2010). But unlike the love parade, the only real damage to nature occurs by the trampling of the grass on the bunker hills and the fields used for camping (the crops have always been harvested by the time the festival starts). As a special attraction there is a fireworks display on Saturday evening. The festival lasts for one long weekend each year always on the first weekend of August.

The festival itself is structured into a few "main floors" called Open Air Floor and Century Circus each for a few thousand, Groovalistic Garden, and a few smaller areas, sometimes manned by techno club crews for a few hundred. The whole thing is located at a US missile base called "Pydna", now decommissioned, which has all necessary infrastructure and space for this kind of festival, a total of 100 000 m² (without camping, which takes up more than 1 km²).

Pydna is a former American missile base in Kastellaun, Germany. Nuclear-equipped MGM-1 Matador, MGM-13 Mace and Nike-Hercules Missiles were stationed here. It now hosts Nature One, a famous open-air electronic music festival. Festival facilities now utilize the very bunkers that were once home to 64 Ground-Launch Cruise Missiles (GLCM) (BGM-109), Tactical Nuclear Missiles, under the operational control of the 38th Tactical Missile Wing of the United States Air Force.