Saturday, September 10, 2011

Miss Universe 2011 Live Stream, 60th Anniversary Pageant Credicard Hall, São Paulo

Miss Universe 2011, the 60th anniversary of the Miss Universe pageant, will be held at the Credicard Hall, in São Paulo, Brazil on September 12, 2011. Ximena Navarrete of Mexico will crown her successor.

This live feed is in Brazil for the Miss Universe beauty pageant:

Miss Universe Live Stream

Event Information:

Contestants from 89 countries and territories are participating in this year´s pageant, surpassing the previous record of 86 contestants in 2006. Credicard Hall is a music theater in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil. It opened in September 1999, with capacity for 8,000 people. Considered to be one of the largest entertainment venue in Brazil and one of the largest in Latin America. Naming rights for the venue are held by Citigroup-owned credit card operator Credicard since its opening. The 60th anniversary Miss Universe 2011 pageant will be held on September 12 this year at the hall.

Miss Universe is an annual international beauty contest run by the Miss Universe Organization. The pageant is the most publicized beauty contest in the world with 600 million viewers.  The first use of the title "Miss Universe" was as part of International Pageant of Pulchritude which began in 1926. These events, the first international contests, lasted until 1935 when the Great Depression and other events preceding World War II led to their demise. This pageant had no direct relationship with the modern event.

The Miss Universe Organization, a New York–based partnership between NBC and Donald Trump, has run the contest since June 20, 2002. The current president is Paula Shugart. The Organization sells television rights to the pageant in other countries, and also produces the Miss USA and Miss Teen USA contests with the winner of Miss USA representing the USA in Miss Universe. Each year, Miss Universe organizers receive bids from organizations who wish to select the Miss Universe contestant for a country. This allows competition between different pageants to hold a country's license, as happened for Miss Italy and Miss France for example, when the licenses for their respective traditional organizations were revoked (the usual Miss France competition returned in 2004).