Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sydney New Year's Eve 2012 Fireworks Live Stream, NYE Harbour Bridge Webcam Feed

Sydney New Year's Eve 2012 Fireworks Live Stream, NYE Harbour Bridge Webcam Feed\

Sydney Harbour New Year's Eve Fireworks are held every New Year's Eve, over Sydney Harbour, centering on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. They take place in two shows, one show at 9pm (the 9pm Family Fireworks) and one at midnight (the Midnight Fireworks).

This live feed will be at the Sydney harbour bridge fireworks display

Event Information:

The fireworks are regularly viewed by more than one million people, with the New Year's Eve 2007 - 2008 display being viewed by 1.5 million people. The display usually has a theme, with the 2009-2010 theme being "Awaken the Spirit". As of 2009-10,the television coverage will revert to the Nine Network and will be broadcast in two parts, matching the two displays.

Prior to the 1999–2000 show, the major display was held at 9pm (the current time of the Family Fireworks display) and a small display was held at midnight. Since 2000 the display has been designed and created by "Foti International Fireworks". The 9pm display since then is usually smaller and mainly shows fireworks on a few of the river barges. In the midnight display, the bridge, city buildings and all barges are actively involved and this display usually runs for twelve to fifteen minutes, with a few exceptions, including the Millennium Celebrations.

Central to the firework display each year since 1998 is the thematic display on the Sydney Harbour Bridge known coloquially as the "Bridge Effect", which is revealed at midnight at the change of the year. For the "Bridge Effect" there is light display using a framework and complemented by fireworks from the arch, pylons and roadway. In the months leading up to December 31 (usually from late October), the scaffolding and framework are clearly visible, as is the outline for the design, which leaves the Sydneysiders speculating as to how the effect is to be realised.