Friday, December 16, 2011

Washington DC New Years Eve Fireworks Live Stream, Webcam Feed, Capitol Hill NYE

Washington DC New Years Eve 2012 Fireworks Live Stream, Webcam Feed, Capitol Hill NYE

New Years parties in Washington DC are some of the best on the East Coast. Of course when people think of New Years celebrations, Times Square in New York City inevitably jumps into their minds, but DC aims to match them.

This live stream in in Washington DC for the New Years Eve celebrations

Event Information:

Celebrating New Years in Washington DC provides the added bonus of seeing spectacular fireworks launched over top of the United States's most significant national monuments. The sight of fireworks blasted into the sky with the Lincoln Memorial, U.S. Capitol Building, or the Washington Monument in the background is amazing. People at DC New Years parties get a sense of patriotism as they see the backdrop for this unique fireworks display.

Another great way to spend your DC New Years is on a cruise ship. You can ring in your New Years Eve in Washington DC while cruising on the Odyssey, the Spirit of Washington, or the Cherry Blossom on the Potomac River. Seeing the spectacular public fireworks display in the nation’s capital from a cruise liner on the Potomac is a memorable way to usher in the coming of a brand new year. There is dining and entertainment on board and you are able to purchase package deals that are all-inclusive for the whole night.

Many other New Years parties in Washington DC take place in restaurants, clubs, bars, and peoples houses. The city is arranged into different neighborhoods and districts and many of the restaurants and finer bars around the city offer customers the ability to prepay for dinner, drinks, a midnight toast, and entertainment. Celebrating New Years Eve 2011 in the nation’s capital will be a fantastic experience. You will not soon forget the sight of the fireworks display lighting up the Washington DC sky and you will have no problems finding the ideal celebration for you.