Thursday, March 22, 2012

GLAAD Awards 2012 Live Stream, Media Awards Schedule, Dates, Online Feed

GLAAD Awards 2012 Live Stream, Media Awards Schedule, Dates, Online Feed

The GLAAD Media Award is an accolade to recognize and honor various branches of the media for their outstanding representations of the community and the issues that affect their lives.

This live stream is at the GLAAD Awards

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In addition to film and television, the Awards also recognize achievements in other branches of the media and arts including theatre, music, print media and advertising.

Nominees are selected by GLAAD "Nominating Juries" consisting of over 90 volunteers with interest and expertise in the particular category they are judging. Nominating Juries may select up to five nominees in each category. If no projects are deemed worthy of nomination in a particular category, the jury may choose to not award that category. At the end of the year, the Nominating Juries submit their list of recommended nominees to GLAAD's staff and Board of Directors for approval.

In addition to media monitoring by the juries, GLAAD issues a "Call for Entries", inviting media outlets to submit their work for consideration, however, GLAAD may nominate a mainstream media project even if it is not submitted as part of the call for entries. GLAAD does not monitor media created by and for the community for defamation, therefore media outlets created by and for an audience must submit in order to be considered for nomination.