Saturday, October 22, 2011

Middle Sea Race 2011 Live Stream Valletta Harbour

The Middle Sea Race is a yacht race organised by the Royal Malta Yacht Club. Currently sponsored by Rolex, its current name is the Rolex Middle Sea Race. Co founded in 1968 by the Royal Malta Yacht Club and the Royal Ocean Racing Club.

This live feed will be covering the race:

Event Information:

The race is 607 miles long, starting and finishing in Malta, and takes the fleet in an anti-clockwise direction around the island of Sicily.

The Royal Malta Yacht Club (RMYC) is a yacht club in the island of Malta. The date of the first establishment of the Royal Malta Yacht Club has not been ascertained, although there are rumours as to the existence of an obscure yacht club in Malta as far back as 1835. It is, however, on record that the Admiralty issued a warrant authorising the use of the Blue Ensign in 1873, (re-issued in 1894). By 1892 that club had reached its nadir and virtually ceased to exist.

Around 1896, a small group of gentlemen resident in Mata and owning as a syndicate a 30-ton cutter called the "RHODA", formed an association which was commonly known as the Rhoda Sailing Club At first, their interests were primarily in cruising, but later on, races were staged for sailing dinghies and small local craft, which attracted other enthusiasts who were not members of the original syndicate. From these and others, a club known as the Mediterranean Skiff Club was formed in 1905 and the 14-Foot West of England Conference Dinghy adopted as its racing class. The Mediterranean Skiff Club remained in existence until 1916 when it was wound up owing to the majority of its members being on active service.