Saturday, October 22, 2011

Venice Marathon 2011 Live Streaming Online

The Venice Marathon is a marathon road race that has been held each year in Venice since 1986, usually in October. The race goes through the famous Piazza San Marco in central Venice.

This live feed is in Venice for the marathon:

Event Information:

A few rumors were already circulating the day after the last Venice marathon, but only now we are able to confirm it officially: the route of the next Venice marathon will go through St.Mark's Square. A.S.D. Venice marathon Club recently received approval from the City Council to go across the magnificent square that is the very heart of the lagoon town.

The Technical Direction of the marathon is already at work to study the alterations to the route that will be necessary to make the spectacular passage inside the square possible, a passage that will only occur in 2010, for the Special Edition of the 25th Anniversary.

About 1 km after the exit from St.Mark's Square the runners will reach the Venice marathon finish line, located - as always - in "Riva Sette Martiri".